Frequently Asked Questions

Any undergraduate student who supports the mission and goals of the STEM Scholars is eligible to apply. There is a preference for LAS majors as this is the college that funds the program.

STEM Scholars is a highly competitive program. Applicants are selected through a two stage review process: Stage 1: a written application. These applications are reviewed and then, a subset of the applicants are offered to interview.  Receiving an interview does not guarantee admission into the program. Stage 2: After interviews are reviewed, a subset of interviewees are offered acceptance to join the STEM Scholars Program.

  1. After being accepted into the Program, attend the STEM Scholars New Members Orientation meeting
  2. Meet with Dr. Corey Welch (Director, STEM Scholars) once each semester
  3. Attend evening monthly workshops & you are encouraged to help create workshops with help from Dr. Welch that will serve the STEM Scholars and/or the broader ISU community. List of types/topics of workshops will vary by semester and year.
  4. Take 1-unit course taught by Dr. Welch: LAS 245: Surviving and Succeeding in a STEM Major within your 1st two years at ISU. Course is offered each semester and meets tentatively on Mondays 4:25-5:30 pm. ENROLLING in the class is during the normal enrollment periods or you can just show up to the first class. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ENROLLED IN THIS COURSE TO APPLY FOR THE STEM SCHOLARS. Class size limited to 20 students.
  5. Help create a Peer Tutor program for entry level STEM courses (details to be explained later). Note: Additional Peer tutoring classes are added as this program grows. Example: Biology 211, 212, 255; Chem 177, 178, 331, 332; Math 143-166, Physics 111, Computer Science 127.
  6. Strongly encouraged, but not required: Spend at least 1 summer/semester doing paid research, an internship, or other related professional activity aligned with your major.
  7. Be supportive and a contributing member to the STEM Scholar community.
  8. Respond to emails and surveys from STEM Scholars Staff during their undergraduate years and after graduation from ISU.

There are two pathways (A-B) for entering the program.

A.  General Application Cycle:  All applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each Fall and Spring Semester. You can apply more than once. The application process has TWO components: 1) an online application and 2) a 30-40 min. in-person interview with a STEM Scholar staff member. All applicants will be alerted after the completion of interviews. Not all applicants are selected to be interviewed. We tend to accept more students in the Fall application period versus Spring application period, but this is largely dependent on support staff. We are hoping to continue growing the program’s size.

B.  Graduation Plus+STEM Career Track Cycle Applicants:  This is a special early application for incoming freshman/first years to ISU who apply while in high school. Application will be open during the month of April with a deadline of May 31st. If you are a first year student and miss this deadline, then you can still apply for the General application cycle.

No. Your scores are an entry point for a broader discussion of ‘the story behind the numbers’. Your grades and scores do not define you or your potential to be successful in science majors or careers.

You will work hard, ask for help, and share what you know with your peers. In return, STEM Scholars will receive coaching, advising, and help in navigating their academic and career goals.

No, but it significantly helps. Our expertise is in STEM-related pathways, but there is no one “perfect” path for all students. For example, many Pre-med students graduate with non-STEM (e.g. English, Ethnic/Interdisciplinary Studies, etc) majors while taking many of the pre-medical school required courses on the side.

Of course. You are strongly encouraged to get support and learn from wherever you can.

Yes, you can apply as many times as you want. Note: Due to time limitations, we are unable to give you individual feedback on your written application or interview.

Yes. STEM Scholars is modeled after the nationally recognized Biology Scholars Program at University of California, Berkeley. Data demonstrate that the STEM Scholars approach works to develop students for advanced STEM educations or transition into STEM-focused careers upon graduation.