How to apply

APPLICATIONS FOR Fall 2022 are OPEN now.

Two Applications Deadlines for Fall 2022:  Please note there are two different application forms. Fill out the ONE application that you are applying to. 

1.  Graduation + (PLUS): For high school seniors who are coming to Iowa State, there will be a special early application deadline on May 1st for 5 students to be part of the new GRADUATION + (Grad PLUS) program. To apply go to and find the "join now" link and follow the instructions. Graduation + link –>

Note: if you are incoming first year student but missed the Graduation Plus deadline, then you can apply to the General Application Cycle

2.  General Application Cycle:  For current ISU students or incoming first year/transfer students, Fall 2022 APPLICATIONS accepted until 6 pm on Friday, August 26.  Interviews will take place the following week (either virtually or in-person depending public health & safety of all participants.). General Application:

Important Mandatory Events: New Student Orientation: Friday, September 2nd, virtual link or in person location to be shared with accepted applicants. This is a required event for accepted applicants.

Fall and Spring application cycles will be dependent on the program’s ability to support more students. We will accept a smaller number of applicatns for Spring semesters.

STEM Scholars Program (SSP) is a "strength-based" community of scholars. Although we recognize the very real need of students, we believe that selecting members based on their strengths (potential to contribute to this community and society) rather than their need for support (e.g., financial and academic challenges), creates a culture where individual student success and reciprocal support of one another go hand in hand.

Using a written application and invited interviews we look for the following in our prospective members: 1) "distance traveled" – barriers and challenges they have negotiated, 2) passion for science, and 3) demonstrated commitment to service. We use SATs and GPAs not as a threshold to include/exclude students but as an entrée to discuss an applicant’s life circumstances. Measures of strength may also include a candidate’s resilience, persistence, willingness to seek and give help, and ability to re-strategize and re-group in the face of failure.

Who is “eligible”? Any ISU undergraduate who supports the mission and goals of the STEM Scholars. The program is tailored to support students from Underrepresented populations (minority, low income, or first generation) and Transfer students, but the programming works for all populations.

Requirements The biggest strengths of SSP is the active participation of its members in support of each other’s success. Some specific minimum membership requirements are listed below, but they just represent a baseline of participation. SSP members contribute to the community in a myriad of ways not listed here, both large and small, from tutoring their peers to making new students feel welcome. Members often say “you get out of it what you put into it” which aligns with our observation that the most active and engaged BSP members often have better long-term success in achieving their goals. We ask that all members consider how they can use their unique strengths, skills, ideas, and interests to contribute to the STEM Scholars community.

Minimum SSP Member Requirements:

  1. Attend the STEM Scholars Orientation meeting
  2. Meet with Dr. Corey Welch (Director, STEM Scholars) at least once each semester
  3. Attend evening workshops 1-2 times/month. List of types/topics of workshops will vary by semester.
  4. Take 1-unit course taught by Dr. Welch: LAS 245 "Surviving and Succeeding in a STEM Major" (offered each semester; Class meets on Mondays 4 pm) within your 1st two years at ISU. ENROLLING in the class can be done during enrollment or by showing up to the first class and turning in add-course form. YOU DO NOT have to be enrolled in the course to apply to the STEM Scholars for membership nor do you have to apply after taking the class. I encourage you to take this class as it will be highly useful to you at ISU and beyond. 
  5. Participate in the Peer Tutor program for entry level STEM courses (Biology 211, 212; Chem 177, 178; Chem 331, 332; Math 165; tutoring are offered each semester); Help develop additional peer tutoring for other courses you are taking. Details to be explained later.
  6. Strongly encouraged, but not required: Spend at least 1 summer/semester doing paid research, an internship, or other related professional activity aligned with your major.
  7. Be supportive and a contributing member to the STEM Scholar community.
  8. Respond to periodic emails and surveys from STEM Scholars Staff during your undergraduate years and after graduation from ISU.